METEOR presents at the Congress of the Italian Society of Medical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology

Laura Maniscalco and Marco Enea from the Università degli Studi di Palermo presented the results of a Project METEOR survey, which explains the complex dynamics of job resignations by healthcare professionals, at the 12th National Congress of the Italian Society of Medical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology (Congresso Nazionale Società Italiana di Statistica Medica ed Epidemiologia … Read more

METEOR Team Meets to Streamline Research on Job Retention in Healthcare

Representatives of the METEOR consortium’s five member institutions met on 11-12 September in Palermo, Italy to plan out the final months of the project and ensure the broad dissemination of research findings to all interested parties. Project coordinator Lode Godderis provided a comprehensive overview of METEOR’s progress spanning the past 2.5 years. Lode, from KU … Read more

METEOR Research on Healthcare Worker Retention Featured in ‘Healthcare in Europe’ Magazine

Project METEOR’s research on interventions to retain hospital nurses and doctors has garnered attention from ‘Healthcare in Europe’, a leading European magazine for hospital managers. The study, “Retaining Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review of Strategies for Sustaining Power in the Workplace” highlights the importance of onboarding and mentoring programmes for nurses and medical doctors in … Read more

New METEOR Publication Explores Strategies for Retaining Nurses and Doctors 

Onboarding and mentoring programs for nurses and medical doctors can help retain them in hospitals and decrease the rotation of medical personnel, a recent article by Project METEOR researchers finds. In Europe, healthcare is among the sectors facing significant labor shortages, with nurses and physicians experiencing higher-than-average job strain. The burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, … Read more

Results From The First Round Of Project METEOR Workshops

The preliminary results of Project METEOR’s first round of workshops indicate that administrative burdens, limited development opportunities and unhealthy work-life balance are key factors leading nurses and physicians in EU hospitals to quit their jobs. Project METEOR aims to identify factors that contribute to whether healthcare providers consider resigning in the near future. In December … Read more

METEOR results published in INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing

Job satisfaction, a clear career development path and work-life balance are key factors that prevent physicians and nurses from leaving their jobs, Project METEOR found in a literature review on this pressing challenge for healthcare managers.  The researchers reviewed articles on retention and turnover among hospital employees published over the last 10 years in three scientific … Read more

METEOR Researchers Discuss Unequal Access to Healthcare at EU Parliament

Anke Boone, a project METEOR researcher from KU Leuven participated in a policy discussion  addressing the lack of access to healthcare for many European citizens. The event was organised by the research project AHEAD and took place at the European Parliament. Countries like Italy and Romania are currently grappling with the challenge of ‘medical deserts,” … Read more

METEOR Researchers Discuss Strategies for Healthcare Worker Retention at ESNO World Café

Researchers Anke Boone from KU Leuven and Neeltje de Vries from Spaarne Gasthuis discussed the METEOR project and its preliminary results at a conference focused on Health Workforce and Nurse Shortage, organised by the European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO). The ESNO World Cafe was a two-day event that took place in Brussels on April 20th … Read more

Prof. Godderis Speaks to Artsenkrant About the Latest METEOR Study

In a recent interview with ‘Artsenkrant’, a leading Belgian magazine for doctors Prof. Lode Godderis discussed the latest findings from the METEOR project’s study on factors influencing physicians’ and nurses’ decisions to remain in their hospital jobs. “Caregivers stay for a variety of reasons, and it’s certainly not just about pay,” Prof. Godderis told Artsenkrant. … Read more

METEOR Takes Part in Health Workforce Projects Cluster Meeting in Utrecht

METEOR researchers Anke Boone from KU Leuven, Domenica Matranga, and Laura Maniscalco from UNIPA, participated in the inaugural workshop of the Health Workforce Projects Cluster. The workshop aimed to maximise outcomes achieved by five research projects, promote mutual learning from each other’s experiences, and strategise joint efforts. The Health Workforce Projects Cluster brings together five … Read more