CEFPAS, is a Public Institution established by a Regional law and it is an organisation instrumental to the Sicilian Health Government. It works for all the health personnel in Sicily and all other Regional Ministries which work in the field of social issue. It works with 60 workers all with full time jobs and with degrees in different disciplines or a diploma.

CEFPAS‘ mission is to contribute to the development of a culture for Public Health, to promote the continuous quality improvement of the health of the population, to prevent diseases, disabilities and premature deaths. This is achieved through high quality, training, action, research, information and communication. For its activities, CEFPAS has invested, from the start, in quality and andragogical training methodologies strategically constructing its programs and projects on the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, equity, appropriateness, scientific rigour, research, innovation, courtesy and transparency.Since 1998 CEFPAS has carried out more than 7000 courses on different issues from public health to clinical sciences, both residential and e-learning.

CEFPAS is member of several national and international associations such as ASPHER, EUPHA, EHMA etc. CEFPAS, since its establishment, invested in institutional communication directed to all users and citizens offering information solution more and more innovative and integrated and in line with the evolution of new technologies. Among the instruments used: the institutional website, social networks, a newsletter (flashnews) that is diffused to about 19.000 health personnel in Italy, Facebook profile, a videochannel (CefpasWebTv). Moreover, being part of different international organisation, this constitutes an added value for the dissemination of the information and the results of the project at international levels.

Project Staff

Ilenia Parenti

Ilenia Parenti is a Pedagogist at CEFPAS since 2000, instructional designer and organisation of training activities, as well as researcher in the field of health science and health promotion.
Ilenia has had work experience in CEFPAS’s Communication Service.
She works closely to the coordinator in EU funded projects.

Francesco Lantieri

Francesco Lantieri He is expert in several programming languages: T.Pascal, Cobol, RPG/400, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, C, C++,cenni – Java. MS-DOS – WINDOWS 98 – NT – NT SERVER-WINDOWS 2000 SERVER WINDOWS XP UNIX L1NUX.; acquainted with Office suite 97,2000, XP, Macromedia suite; network (LAN/WAN.etc..) and Client/Server technologies; realisation of Client/Server applications for training activities management (relational database developer with Access 97-2000-XP e SQL); Windows NT Server 4.0 and 2000 Networking system engineer; Intranet and extranet, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, router interconnections, hub, switch with Management, Cisco router programming. Internet: IIS, ASP, html, Dhtml, Cgi.

Maria Grazia Farina

Maria Grazia Farina is a Project Coordinator working on national and trasnational activities at EURO Association in Palermo (Sicily) since 2005.
She started working in international partnerships within EU financed Programmes, such as EQUAL Action 2 and Action 3, Erasmus + Sport Program funded by EACEAA, Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships funded by ANG, the Youth National Agency in Italy, and INDIRE, the Italian National Agency for Erasmus+, the European Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020.
Her work is mainly focused on projects management, evaluation and dissemination activities.
In addition, she is involved in transnational projects as an expert in evaluation and dissemination for the Municipality of Tusa (Sicily) and CEFPAS.

Mario Malcangi

Mario Malcangi is a web developer, communication expert and graphic designer working at CENTRO STUDI OPERA DON CALABRIA  Association in Italy since 1994.He participated in several transnational projects financed by EU Programmes. His work is focused on website graphic development for dissemination of projects results and the implementation of communication platforms to facilitate interaction among partners. Moreover, he is able to develop and manage databases for analysis and data collection. In addition, he took part in the development of the Italian Enterprise Simulation Center: Simulimpresa at Ferrara, in Italy, connected to the Pen International network of global enterprise simulation centers.

Carmelo Pulvino

Carmelo Pulvino is a member staff for the Visual Identity of the CEFPAS. He has broad experience in project management in a wide variety of business operations.
Particularly interested in scheduling advertising campaigns and all aspects of accounting, auditing and administrative management. Direct experience with advertising, transport, real estate, financial consulting and internationalization of Italian firms. Interested in early-stage startups as well as companies “on turnaround.”
Carmelo has relevant experiences in advertising, project management, competitive analysis, problem solving, mergers and acquisition, transport & logistic, non-profits, Agriculture 4.0, Health and Lifestyle.

Roberta Arnone

Roberta Arnone coordinator for CEFPAS. She is degreed in law and with an
MBA, is the project Manager and coordinator. Besides being a trainer,
she has planned, and presented many projects in her 22 years of activity
in Cefpas. She speaks fluently English and she can understand and speak
also French, Spanish, German, and basic Arabic. She is very good in
coordinating people’s work, partnerships and in conducting international
meetings. She is a consultant for the Sicilian health Government on EU
projects and, for this reason, she supports Health Organizations during
the process of project elaboration in the field of Health. She has got a
great experience also as speaker in international conferences. She is a
member of an international Network in Health Promotion. She is author of
many national and international publication.