Spaarne Gasthuis Spaarne Gasthuis is one of 27 top clinical hospitals in the Netherlands and is situated in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. There is a strong relationship with both academic hospitals in Amsterdam, fused in 2018 as Amsterdam University Medical Centres. Spaarne Gasthuis has over 4200 employees, 1200 nurses and 300 medical specialists covering over 24 specialisms. Spaarne Gasthuis is situated in two large hospitals in Hoofddorp and Haarlem and has 4 outpatient clinics. Over 1000 medical students are trained within Spaarne Gasthuis. The Spaarne Gasthuis Academy takes care of all aspects of teaching, learning and science.


Project Staff

Peter de Winter
Jose Bouman

Peter de Winter

Peter de Winter is an active paediatrician with main interests in genetic disorders and neonatology. He has been involved several years in national and regional educational programs for physicians in training. The past 5 years he has been appointed as dean at Spaarne Gasthuis Academy in Hoofddorp/Haarlem and he is responsible for the total educational and scientific program. Peter de Winter was appointed 1,5 years ago as guest professor at KU Leuven with main fields in educational and paediatric programs. Peter is editor in chief for European Journal of Pediatrics and responsible for the office and direct lines with Springer-Nature. He has an outstanding interest in mental health of healthcare workers in Europe. He has several direct lines with politically involved physicians in the Netherland

José Bouman

José Bouman – Elskamp (1965) is an active and experienced teacher, who currently works in the Spaarne Gasthuis hospital as a clinical librarian, giving training courses for literature search and also handles the editorial office for the European Journal of Pediatrics.

Catharina van Oostveen

Catharina van Oostveen (1982) has been working on optimizing nursing care since the beginning of her career. First as a nurse and then also during her PhD, where she specialized in matching care supply and demand, the working environment of nurses and leadership. Van Oostveen currently works as a Nursing Dean and Principal Investigator at the Spaarne Gasthuis and as an assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management. She is also active as board member of the Association for Top Clinical Training Hospitals (STZ) and the Dutch Nursing Association (V&VN).

Neeltje de Vries

Neeltje de Vries (1993) finished her master’s degree in clinical health science; nursing science and is currently working as a senior nurse.

Neeltje is motivated to share her practice from the working floor and the knowledge adapted during her masters. The combination working as a scientist and a nurse is for Neeltje a dream come true.