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De Vries N, Lavreysen O, Boone A, Bouman J, Szemik S, Baranski K, Godderis L, De Winter P. Retaining Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review of Strategies for Sustaining Power in the Workplace. Healthcare. 2023; 11(13):1887.

De Vries N, Boone A, Godderis L, et al. The Race to Retain Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review on Factors that Impact Retention of Nurses and Physicians in Hospitals. INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing. 2023;60. doi:10.1177/00469580231159318

Kowalska M, de Winter P, Godderis L, Boone A, Szemik S. Hospital medical care and the COVID-19 mortality in METEOR partner countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, And Poland). International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health. 2023;36(3):417-427.

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