The Work Package “Developing policy recommendations” will develop policy recommendations throughout continuous stakeholder engagement, using co-creation or ‘human-centered design thinking’ methods. This approach includes a highly interactive and iterative process, where stakeholders are involved throughout all phases of the development process. Co-creation distinguishes the following four stages in an iterative manner:

  1. Understand and specify the context of use (Investigate)
  2. Specify the user requirements (Ideate)
  3. Produce design solutions to meet user requirements (Prototype)
  4. Evaluate the design against the requirements (Evaluate, Refine & Develop, Validate)

Stakeholders involved include policy makers, health managers and healthcare workers, connected to the eight participating hospitals. Healthcare workers will be invited to two rounds of co-creation workshops with a focus on creating VanityGen, experimenting and iterating policy recommendations tailored to the needs of the key stakeholders. To finalize the policy recommendations, a Delphi-inspired approach will follow, in which iterative advice from health managers and policy makers will be asked on the co-created policy recommendations.