Work Package 1

Coordination & Management

This work package includes monitoring the project’s progress towards the objectives and to ensure a successful execution of the project, its work package, tasks and deliverables. 

Work Package 2

Communication & Dissemination
The objective of this work package is the communication and dissemination of the project’s results and deliverables to various stakeholders.

Work Package 3


Work package 3 will take care of the overall evaluation of the project, and whether the deliverables are in line with the expectations and needs of the key stakeholders.

Work Package 4

Scientific Overview

The aim of work package 4 is to provide an up-to-date scientific overview of determinants, interventions and micro-level policies regarding retention of healthcare workers.

Work Package 5

Online Survey

Work Package 5 has the aim to distribute an online survey to identify determinants of job satisfaction, well-being and turnover intentions of healthcare within the four participating EU countries.

Work Package 6

Develop Policy Recommendations

The aim of work package 6 is to develop policy recommendations with regard to job retention by continuous involvement of policy makers, health managers and healthcare workers.

Work Package 7

Online Toolbox

Work package 7 will deliver a ready-to-use and searchable online toolbox, that will inform and support key stakeholders to implement tailor-made retention strategies.