METEOR Research on Healthcare Worker Retention Featured in ‘Healthcare in Europe’ Magazine

Project METEOR’s research on interventions to retain hospital nurses and doctors has garnered attention from ‘Healthcare in Europe’, a leading European magazine for hospital managers.

The study, “Retaining Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review of Strategies for Sustaining Power in the Workplace” highlights the importance of onboarding and mentoring programmes for nurses and medical doctors in enhancing retention rates and reducing personnel rotation within hospitals. These interventions contribute to fostering a more stable and dedicated workforce, which is crucial for the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities.

The analysis demonstrates that there is “no one-size-fits-all intervention” solution when it comes to retention strategies. However, by studying success stories and best practices, hospital managers can gain insights and tailor their own retention programs effectively. In doing so, it is crucial to ensure that intentional efforts align with the specific needs of healthcare workers and are consistent with the hospital’s mission and vision.

The paper is available here.