Marie-Claire Lambrechts

Marie-Claire Lambrechts After obtaining her bachelor in social work (then called A1 degree) at the Sociale Hogeschool in Leuven, Marie-Claire started working at VAD, the Flemish expertise centre for Alcohol and other Drugs in Brussels. In September 1998, she went to the University of Maastricht, where she obtained her master degree in Health Education and Promotion in January 2003. Meanwhile, she has more than 30 years of experience in advising companies and stakeholders to implement an alcohol and drug policy. Marie-Claire acts as an expert for (inter)national associations with respect to work-related alcohol and drug use. Since 2012, she works part time (initially 20%; 40% since 2016) at the Centre Environment and Health (Department of Public Health and Primary Care) at KU Leuven. In December 2020, she obtained her PhD-degree ‘Substance abuse among the working population in Belgium or should we say: work-related alcohol and drug use?’, under supervision of prof. dr. Lode Godderis.