METEOR results presented at the ICOH in Marrakesh

METEOR researchers presented the project’s results at the 34th International Conference of Occupational Health (ICOH) in Marrakesh, Morocco. The conference, held from 28 April to 3 May, brought together hundreds of researchers from around the world. 

Neeltje de Vries (Spaarne Gasthuis) presented the results of METEOR’s systematic review that the critical need for hospital managers to address the increase during the COVID-19 pandemic in nurses’ and physicians’ intentions to leave their jobs. This intention was influenced by various factors, such as fear of the virus and limited availability of protective equipment, as well as individual factors like age, experience, and burnout. De Vries argued that recognising these determinants offered a chance to develop better strategies for retaining healthcare professionals. See Neeltje presentation here.

Presenting METEOR’s results on enhancing workforce stability in healthcare, Olivia Lavreysen (KU Leuven) highlighted the importance of implementing a comprehensive strategy to retain healthcare workers. Lavreysen demonstrated a range of evidence-based interventions, from areas of personal and professional support, through education and financial incentives, to regulation. She argued that these interventions should take into account country-specific factors and variations in healthcare systems. The study emphasised the need to combine interventions from different areas to create a supportive environment. See Olivia presentation here.