In a recent interview with ‘Artsenkrant’, a leading Belgian magazine for doctors Prof. Lode Godderis discussed the latest findings from the METEOR project’s study on factors influencing physicians’ and nurses’ decisions to remain in their hospital jobs.

“Caregivers stay for a variety of reasons, and it’s certainly not just about pay,” Prof. Godderis told Artsenkrant. “Our study shows that job satisfaction, a clear career development path and work-life balance are key factors help retain hospitals doctors and nurses.”

In recently published study, ‘The Race to Retain Healthcare Workers: A Systematic Review on Factors that Impact Retention of Nurses and Physicians in Hospitals’ the METEOR researchers reviewed articles analysing employee retention and turnover within hospitals. They identified six themes among determinants that affect the intention to change jobs: personal characteristics, job demands, employment services, working conditions, work relationships and organisational culture. Among these six themes, job satisfaction, career development, and work-life balance were found to play a significant role in influencing the decision of healthcare professionals to stay in their current positions.

The interview can be read  here.