The first results of METEOR will be soon presented!

Join the ONLINE EU Health Workforce Projects Cluster Event ‘Fighting access to health inequalities by improving health worker retention and task shifting policies’ on Tuesday the 29th of March 2022, 2.30-4.30pm, Brussels Time.Peter de Winter and Domenica Matranga will present for METEOR Project . The aim of this webinar is to share information on the … Read more

Virtual Health Days

On 11 October 2021, an online seminar was organised by AXA on mental health at the workplace, including the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of healthcare workers. Dr. Niti Pall (HARBR Board chair, Senior advisor digital health AXA Emerging Customers, Medical director KPMG global healthcare practice) explains that ‘the profound effect the crisis … Read more

Watch the online Webinar ‘Burnout Prevention’ (Dutch and French only)

Healthcare workers worldwide are experience high levels of work pressure, resulting in increasing numbers of stress-related disorders and burnout. In this Webinar  this topic is further explored academically and practically by Prof. Dr. Lode Godderis and Dr. Ann-Marie Morel. “Prevention is one of the most important weapons in the fight against burnout,” says Professor Lode Godderis, who is … Read more

Join us on the EU launch event!

The webinar on the Health Workforce Projects Cluster is public for everyone and will be held on the EU Health Policy Platform.  This project covers five EU-funded projects, focusing on three topics: medical deserts, task shifting and job retention.  Don’t forget to register: Click here for registration link and agenda!

Connecting with our hospitals

Meteor project emphasises the importance of continuous stakeholder engagement throughout full project duration. As a first step, all consortium partners (i.e. KU Leuven, UNIPA, SG, SUM and CEFPAS) have been in contact with the hospitals that will play a prominent role in our project:

In July, September and October 2021 the focus of our project is to contact these hospitals and discuss content (i.e. What are their ideas on job retention? What are they already doing?) and practical issues (i.e. submitting the online survey, organising workshops).

We will keep you updated on our progress!

Kick-off meeting

Il 20 aprile 2021 è stato organizzato un kickoff meeting per il lancio ufficiale di METEOR. Tutti e cinque i partner del consorzio (cioè KU Leuven, UNIPA, SG, SUM e CEFPAS) hanno presentato i loro obiettivi e le loro ambizioni all’UE, che ha avviato discussioni interessanti e feedback preziosi per portare il progetto a un … Read more