Watch the online Webinar ‘Burnout Prevention’ (Dutch and French only)

Healthcare workers worldwide are experience high levels of work pressure, resulting in increasing numbers of stress-related disorders and burnout. In this Webinar  this topic is further explored academically and practically by Prof. Dr. Lode Godderis and Dr. Ann-Marie Morel.

“Prevention is one of the most important weapons in the fight against burnout,” says Professor Lode Godderis, who is also CEO of IDEWE. As a psychotherapist, Dr Ann-Marie Morel is concerned about the well-being of her colleagues. In this webinar, they will explore this topic further, academically and practically, and give you tips on how to avoid burn-out. More and more healthcare workers are becoming overburdened by patients and their families, and overburdened by administrative tasks and regulations. Is this the job we chose and studied so hard for? Is this the life we want to lead until the end of our careers? Can we still be the healthcare worker we want to be? Every job also includes less attractive tasks, which is obvious. But it’s also about getting a healthy balance between job resources and job demands, and this is often the main challenge. How can we regain that balance? How can we focus more on burnout prevention? Prof. Lode Godderis and Dr. Ann-Marie Morel will provide you with some tips & tricks to not only take good care of your patients, but also of yourself.

Watch the Webinar here


–          Prof. Lode Godderis

–          Dr. Ann-Marie Morel