METEOR researcher discusses medical deserts at ROUTE-HWF symposium

METEOR researcher Olivia Lavreysen (KU Leuven) joined the two-day ROUTE-HWF symposium to discuss how to ensure equitable access to healthcare for all, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic background.

“Aging, poverty, travel distances, and healthcare provider-population ratios are the main factors contributing to the existence of medical deserts,” Olivia Lavreysen said. “We have to understand the specific context and needs of each area to devise efficient, evidence-based solutions.”

ROUTE-HWF is an EU research project that aims to help member states improve access to high-quality healthcare across all regions, thus reducing disparities in the population’s health. The project’s final symposium featured interactive sessions, networking opportunities, and expert presentations. 

“The conference was a great opportunity for researchers, medical students and other healthcare professionals from different countries with different backgrounds to engage and exchange their experiences and views,” Olivia Lavreysen added.

“A Roadmap OUT of medical deserts into supportive Health WorkForce initiatives and policies” took place on 30 November and 1 December in Zagreb.