METEOR presents its findings at European Public Health Conference

Meteor researchers Olivia Lavreysen (KU Leuven) and Marco Enea (Università degli Studi di Palermo) showcased the project’s findings at the 16th European Public Health Conference, “Our Food, Our Health, Our Earth: A Sustainable Future for Humanity” in Dublin on 8-11 November 2023.

During a panel discussion on “How to solve shortages and uneven distribution of health workers in Europe?” Olivia Lavreysen presented Project METEOR’s objectives, methodology, and outcomes. She engaged in a fruitful discussion with colleagues from projects ROUTE, OASES, and AHEAD.

In another panel focusing on “Health of the Workforce,” Marco Enea discussed the results of the Meteor survey that sought to estimate the proportion of nurses and physicians who intend to leave their hospital positions, and to identify the factors influencing these decisions. The data revealed that 16.5% of physicians and 8.4% of nurses are contemplating leaving their jobs. While the inclination to quit varies among countries, certain patterns emerged. Notably, age plays a significant role, with younger physicians and nurses exhibiting a higher propensity to leave their positions. Job dissatisfaction emerged as a common reason for resignations. Additionally, emotional exhaustion was identified as a determining factor for the intention to leave among nurses.

Olivia’s presentation can be accessed here and Marco’s presentation here.