COVID-19 pandemic triggers surge in medical staff intention to leave 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the number of nurses and doctors considering leaving their hospital jobs increased substantially, a recent article by the EU-funded METEOR Project shows. The publication stresses the need to create strategies to counteract this tendency, as it endangers the quality of medical care.   In the article, “Determinants of intention … Read more

METEOR results presented at the ICOH in Marrakesh

METEOR researchers presented the project’s results at the 34th International Conference of Occupational Health (ICOH) in Marrakesh, Morocco. The conference, held from 28 April to 3 May, brought together hundreds of researchers from around the world.  Neeltje de Vries (Spaarne Gasthuis) presented the results of METEOR’s systematic review that the critical need for hospital managers to address … Read more

Project METEOR offers tips on preventing doctors and nurses from quitting their jobs

The European healthcare sector is grappling with an alarming workforce shortage, prompting urgent calls for strategies to retain existing staff. To address the outflow of workers, researchers from the EU-funded Project METEOR offer practical solutions that hospital managers and policymakers can implement across four key areas: personal and professional development; education; finance; and regulatory measures. … Read more

Results of METEOR survey featured in hospital healthcare Europe

METEOR research on the scale and reasons behind the exodus of nurses and physicians from European hospitals was recently featured in Hospital Healthcare Europe, a website providing hospital managers with insights on best practices in clinical care and specialist services. The article discusses findings from a survey conducted by METEOR researchers among staff of eight … Read more

EU hospitals face crisis as doctors, nurses consider quitting, METEOR study finds 

The European healthcare sector faces a deepening staffing crisis as almost one in ten doctors and even more nurses intend to leave their professions, a study from the EU-funded Project METEOR found. The researchers also identify the reasons why employees quit, which can help governments and hospital administrators combat the trend. In an article published … Read more

METEOR researchers share recommendations on healthcare worker retention at EUHPP webinar

METEOR researchers Lode Godderis and Anke Boone presented the project’s findings at the webinar “Health Workforce Challenges: Ways Forward for Policy-making”, organised by the EU Health Policy Platform on 26 January. The event attracted more than 200 participants from across Europe. Building on the three-year research project, Godderis and Boone presented policy recommendations on how to prevent … Read more

METEOR to present policy recommendations at EUHPP webinar

Anke Boone and Lode Godderis will share Project METEOR’s findings project and present policy recommendations for addressing healthcare workforce retention during an EU Health Policy Platform webinar. “Health Workers Challenges: Ways Forward for Policy Making” will be held on 26 January from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, CET. During the webinar, researchers from the Health … Read more

Domenica Matranga discusses METEOR’s findings with 

In a recent interview with, University of Palermo Professor Domenica Matranga, a medical statistician and researcher at Project METEOR, discussed shortages of healthcare workers and the challenges of retention in light of the project’s recent findings. “We sought to understand what the determinants of leaving hospital jobs are, and we interviewed around 1,400 nurses … Read more

Anke Boone discusses healthcare workers’ situation in interview with Artsenkrant

In an interview with Artsenkrant, a leading Belgian magazine for general practitioners, Project METEOR researcher Anke Boone shed light on Project METEOR’s findings regarding the situation of healthcare professionals in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. “We need structural adjustments to overcome problems connected with mental well-being and burnout among healthcare staff, which only increased during the pandemic,” … Read more

METEOR researcher discusses medical deserts at ROUTE-HWF symposium

METEOR researcher Olivia Lavreysen (KU Leuven) joined the two-day ROUTE-HWF symposium to discuss how to ensure equitable access to healthcare for all, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic background. “Aging, poverty, travel distances, and healthcare provider-population ratios are the main factors contributing to the existence of medical deserts,” Olivia Lavreysen said. “We have to understand … Read more